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About us

Game Developer was first founded in 1997 as Gamasutra and has strived since its inception to be a leading resource and reference for game development and industry knowledge. Following the shift from Gamasutra to Game Developer in August 2021, the site has maintained that mission while embracing the in-depth content its namesake Game Developer magazine is known for.

To accomplish this, Game Developer publishes multiple stories on a daily basis to inform, empower, and inspire its game developer readership. This includes news posts on current events and developments in the game industry alongside regular, in-depth features and interviews exploring many different aspects of game development and the diverse individuals that make up the industry.

While Game Developer's editorial teams work directly with game developers to provide the many articles found in the Features and Developer Insights sections, the site also hosts a robust community of game makers through its blogging platform. This section offers developers an additional avenue to share their own experiences, thoughts, and advice with Game Developer's readership and the wider game development community.