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We started as a game art and animation outsourcing studio and we are still in love with high-quality art!

Now our company is also a game developer. However, working on our own games doesn’t stop us from helping other folks in the industry with awesome graphics and animations. Our game art outsourcing team is driven by our devotion to providing the best solutions and a deep understanding of what can take a game to the top of the list.

We are a family of more than 120 talented creative minds with strong expertise in 2D and 3D art and animation directions. Do you have concept art, 2D character art, casual game art, 3D environment or assets, 2D or 3D animations that require the help of external vendors? We’re here for you!

Our superpowers include managing a 100% remote game art outsourcing team and constantly caring about our clients, be they global game developers or industry rising stars. We always strive for a perfect result within the stated time frame and budget.