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New Zealand

SymbionIQ Labs is set to democratise the health and fitness industry by creating a new class of digital asset and powering the movement creator economy with cutting-edge proprietary motion capture technology, life- like avatars and real-time virtual fitness training platform built on decentralized blockchain technologies

SymbionIQ Labs, is a pioneering technology start-up headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand. We are set to disrupt the health and fitness industry building the latest in modern wearable motion capture hardware, accurate and live-synced whole-body movement tracking software and NeoMoov, an intelligent virtual training App equipped with life-like 3D avatar animations, rich virtual environments and digital sports equipment and accessories.

Designed for use in the life sciences sector through to fitness professionals, small businesses and enthusiasts alike, the affordable and wearable MoCap hardware and NeoMoov (trademark pending) App platform enables users to record own body movements, analyse results and improve poses on-the-fly, view muscle overlay and imitate expert moves with access to interactive exercise sessions, all with the goal to achieve precise posture anytime, anywhere.