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IO Interactive

Denmark, Sweden and Spain

IO Interactive is a 25-year old, AAA independent game studio founded in Denmark, creators of the HITMAN franchise, Kane & Lynch and Freedom Fighters. We are now working on the exciting Project 007, a brand new James Bond video game, and Project Fantasy, an RPG fantasy online game - all powered by our award-winning, proprietary Glacier technology.

IO Interactive is an independent videogame development and publishing company with studios in Copenhagen, Malmö and Barcelona. As the creative force behind some of the most talked-about multiplatform video games in the last decade, we are committed to creating unforgettable characters and experiences – all powered by our award-winning, proprietary Glacier technology.

We know that to achieve those goals, we need courage, talented people and a great working environment – and we do our utmost to have all of that. Across our multiple studios, we’re working on several projects. Crucially though, we’re all one team. We value the work and impact that each person brings to the table and we actively encourage new ideas, whilst listening to your insights along the way.

We have a dedicated team of People Managers, who look after you as an individual and as an employee. With more than 40 nationalities, we know that everyone is different and we are proud to have a reputation for being a friendly workplace with highly-talented people.

We are here to deliver exciting world class entertainment, and we want our games to play and feel like the people who created them. It is our way of making sure that we always deliver something unique and interesting. This requires not only lots of work, but also lots of guts, talented people and a great working environment – and we do our utmost to have all of this.

We do a lot to foster a culture of brother- and sisterhood. We have a canteen in Copenhagen, an on-site motion capture studio, sound rooms in all locations, exercise, and gym areas, plus a whole variety of spaces for all different kinds of work and recreation. From meeting rooms named after our games, to chill-out areas and everything else we need for day-to-day work, all our studios are equipped to host and foster a great working environment. We want a studio that is fun to be in and where creativity can spark at almost every corner. That’s why we’ve made sure that we’re always prepared for spontaneous table-football tournaments or high-score competitions on arcade machines. It’s all about getting creative, influenced, and inspired.

We are growing, and we are looking for the best talent out there, no matter the location (EU and non-EU). We offer very competitive relocation packages and VISA support so that you and your family can relocate without the hassle.