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Shark vs Dyson: which is better?

Dyson and Shark are both the top vacuum brands that are dominating the market amidst other vacuum companies. Both companies have come up with innovative technology that makes cleaning jobs faster, more efficient and easier.

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This article will focus on comparing Shark vs Dyson vacuum through two best models – Shark Rocket IONFlexDuoClean and Dyson V10 to help you be able to choose the one that best fits your needs and budget with the highest performance. Let’s take an overview of the two best vacuum brands first:

Shark vacuum cleaners can help you remove the most amount of dirt from your home, and they are especially great options for hardwood floors with Dual brush control. If you prefer a reasonable price for your vacuum, Shark is a good choice with high suction power and lightweight technology.

Dyson vacuum cleaners are a high-end choice for consumers if they are willing to invest in a high-quality product with an amazing cleaning experience. Some outstanding features make Dyson superior to other brands, such as the high-tech ball technology, Root Cyclone technology, and innovative Dyson Cinetic Science. They all offer products with high-level suction and a rotating ball system that helps all pet fluff, long hair, dust, and dirt to get inside the cleaner immediately.

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Both of them offer models specialized for pet hair also. They both have a wide range of different types of vacuums from cordless, stick to handheld versions. Besides the brand name and quality, we will compare the two by three basic differences as below:

Price: Shark vacuums are more realistic in price than Dyson ones with great features. Anyway, Dyson vacuums are popular by their quality, durability, and utility with a series of amazing benefits.

Warranty: Dyson’s brand offers a five-year warranty while Shark model has a seven-year warranty.

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Weight: Shark vacuums have more advantages than Dyson ones in weight. Most Shark models are lightweight but they sport a shorter cord so you can’t carry them around much.

Moving forward, here is a brief comparison of 2 types of two models for you to decide on which is better:

Shark Rocket IONFlexDuoClean

Dyson V10

Cleaning power

DuoClean system with two brush rolls to get all dust out of your carpets and floors

MultiFlex technology bends up to 180 degrees

Powerful suction

Effective filtration system

Battery life

Run time of 30 minutes

Upgrade-friendly battery

Run time of 60 minutes

15 years of battery life guaranteed

Weight and size

Shorter in height

Weigh 8 pounds

Taller in height

Weigh 6 pounds


Flexi wand makes it flexible in cleaning all the surfaces

Great hardwood floor vacuums

The capacity of converting into handheld versions

Quicker and more effective in flexibility

Great in cleaning upholstery, curtains, and other tricky sp

To sum up, as you can see, both models have similar features and specifics. Shark and Dyson both offer the high suction and pet-friendly features but the Dyson V10 is better in performance. The Shark model offers great value at a moderate price. If you compromise on that, the Shark model is a Best Vacuum Cleaners reviews for you.