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Earth9 Inc.

Seattle, WA, USA

Company: Earth9 (

Hero on Earth is a new game company that specializes in finding or creating fixes for the rigged economy. Half of our company creates a video game, to explore, understand and fix the rigged economy, in the video game.  The other half of our company is to bring technical fixes to the real world rigged economy.  The “rigged economy” means when lobbyists are effective at getting congress to pass laws to benefit corporations in a way that is detrimental to all citizens and workers (and that all considered to be unethical). 

Our game focuses on economics, ethics and philosophy.  Our game isn’t finished or launched yet.  You will be helping us shape the game play, before launch.

We are looking to hire three game designers.  It will start as a contractor for the first 4 months.  We will then select one to transition into full time after that.  We include stock options when we hire full time.  We will be investing in the person who is the right fit for us.  We don’t have any VCs or investors so ownership is 100% by the people working on the game.  Thank you for your patience as we invest in the right long-term fit.