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Elopement Photography Packages

Elopement photography has become more popular than ever as couples re-envision their wedding day. They want something intimate and less stressful, and also something that tells their love story authentically.

When an inquiring couple sees your prestige pricing, it’s important that they understand the value that you offer to their day before they book with you.


Elopement Photography Packages that are priced $500 or less typically come from photographers who are newer to elopement photography. They are still experimenting with their editing style and may not have consistent results. They are likely working on their portfolio and looking to gain experience by shooting a handful of elopements this year.

Experienced elopement photographers invest in their education, have nailed their editing style and are pros at couples posing. They often have a diversified portfolio and are willing to travel for elopements. Their package prices are based on their expertise and skill level, how much value they offer and how helpful they are with planning and permit assistance.

Many experienced elopement photographers have a videography division to their business. They add tremendous value by helping couples tell their story through a cinematic experience and create a wedding day that is truly unique to them. This is another money-making opportunity that most photographers are missing out on.


Your photographer will be a huge part of your elopement day and they will be the ones preserving your precious memories. Doing a bit of due diligence is important to find someone that matches your vibes and can bring your vision to life.

Inquire with a few different photographers and get a feel for their style. Ask questions about their workflow and make sure they understand your vision. Also, consider how laid back or adventurous your elopement will be. An adventure elopement that takes all day will be priced much differently than an intimate backyard elopement that lasts only a few hours.

Hiring a photographer that has experience in the locations you want to elope is very important. A seasoned outdoor adventure photographer will know the ins and outs of those locations and be prepared for any obstacles or challenges that may arise on your day. They will also be able to offer more value than just photography. They will include things like personalized questionnaires, unique and personalized location scouting research, hand-crafted timelines, permit assistance and so much more.


A professional elopement photographer has spent years honing their craft and building their business. They are well equipped for any situation, know how to capture the unique beauty of an elopement, and offer additional services like planning help, permits and more.

Professionals need high-end equipment to get the best results and this is also reflected in their pricing. They need to keep back-ups of their gear so they can be prepared for any wear and tear which is another factor in the overall cost. They also need to invest in the right software and subscriptions to create the best retouch and edits on their images.

Eloping has become more and more popular in recent years for a few reasons. For one, it can be cheaper than a traditional wedding, and couples can focus on their love story without the stress of planning a large event. Elopement photography helps couples document this special day and preserve memories that will last a lifetime.

$500 or Less

When you hire an experienced elopement photographer, value has much more to do with what they offer than how much they cost. Quality photographers will include lots of extra services and resources in their packages such as planning assistance, location scouting, permit assistance and so much more! This is all because they want to make your elopement as stress free as possible.

Elopement packages at New York studios can range from a simple ceremony package for $375 to an all-inclusive, two-night lodging-packed experience for $1975. The best elopement packages also include a wedding officiant who helps couples file their marriage license afterward.

This elopement package includes a full gallery of edited photos, an online lightbox to select your favorites and print directly through, and a microwedding ceremony with an officiant at Maymont Park. It's perfect for those wanting to get married in a more intimate setting! This is one of our favorite elopement packages in the area.