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Things To Consider Before You Clean Laminate Floors

If you are an owner of laminate flooring, you may keep wondering how to clean it and keep it looking great for as long as possible. This is totally possible when you are aware of some secrets behind the time and effort that go into maintaining this type of flooring.

First and foremost, laminate floors aren't hardwood products. They may look the same, but you shouldn't treat and clean them in the same manner.

Unlike hardwood, you can't just refinish the surface of laminate whenever they get stained or damaged. Therefore, your laminate floors demand different requirements to shine for years compared to, let's say, oak planks.

Similar to the “How to cut Laminate: A comprehensive guide” guide, a great understanding of this means you can avoid expensive replacements. Proper care is critical for both existing surfaces and new floors. The best time to start is when you just get them installed. Here are the top tips on maintaining this flooring type you should remember.

Read The Cleaning Instructions

Always have a look at the instructions from the manufacturer of your laminate flooring first. Each brand may have different recommendations on how to clean the materials used to make its products. Most of them detail product instructions and guides on their websites.

Clean Stain As Soon As Possible

As experts at TheKingLive have recommended, deal with stains the moment you find them. Wipe them up immediately and don't let them sit on your laminate floors. Any kind of liquid can damage the surface of laminate flooring - the reason minimizing stain exposure is critical.

Avoid Abrasive Tools

As tempting as they are, don't use any abrasive tools on laminate floors. Otherwise, they can scratch like crazy. Go for dust mops or soft-bristle brooms to remove debris instead.

This rule also applies to vacuum cleaners. Make sure your machine doesn't use a rotating brush or a beater bar, which can scratch a hard floor in the same way. If there is any problem with your vacuum, read the “how to fix my vacuum” guide.

Mop It Once In A While

Mop your laminate flooring, for example, every two months to keep it fresh. Choose microfiber mops because they are more gentle and safe for laminate. Most regular mops are fine, too, as long as you wring them out until they are almost dry entirely.

Limit The Use Of Water

Regardless of your intention, laminate floors don't do well under constant exposure to water. Traditional mopping, which can cause water to seep into the flooring's seams, isn't a good idea. Too much water can also lead to color fading or staining.

Avoid Cleaning Products Not Made For Laminate Floors

Not every product is the same. Many of them have ingredients that can inflict damage to laminate flooring. Oil-based products are a prime example. They can just leave residue and streaks but also degrade laminate floors' protective sealant. Similarly, steer clear of polishes and wax.

Even if a cleaning product is explicitly marketed as safe for laminate floors, only use it sparingly. Apply the cleaner to a microfiber cloth or mop instead of spraying it directly over the surface.


Maintenance of laminate floors isn't particularly hard. You just need to remember some general rules and your flooring should retain the same great look for a long time.