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How do I meditate every day?

Meditation is a practice of mind and body that has many positive effects on our physical and mental health. According to scientific studies, meditation can help us:

  • Reduce stress and manage anxiety: Meditation helps us focus on our breath or a certain point, eliminate negative thoughts and emotions, and reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol and inflammatory response in the body. Body.

  • Promotes emotional health: Meditation helps us to increase self-awareness, improve mood and positive outlook, self-discipline, and increase compassion.

  • Extends attention span: Meditation helps us fight distracting habits, improves problem-solving, and may reduce memory loss in the elderly.

  • Improves sleep: Meditation helps us relax and sleep better, by reducing stress, anxiety, and disturbing thoughts.

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Every day, first, you need to find yourself a quiet and comfortable space. If you are in the room, make sure there are no ambient sounds and turn off all electronics. If possible, you should be outdoors to feel the natural gas.

Then find yourself an egg chair with a stand. This type of chair is very popular in the world and can help you to sit in the correct posture. However, if you don't have an egg chair, that's okay. Just find yourself a soft blanket or cushion.

When you sit down, place your hands on your thighs, breathe naturally, and focus on your breathing. Do not attempt to control your breathing; simply allow it to occur organically. If discomfort or back pain is present, modify your posture accordingly.

During the process, you may encounter many different emotions. You will sometimes feel peaceful and relaxed, but you may also experience feelings of discomfort or anxiety. Don't worry too much about these feelings, let them flow naturally and focus on your breathing.

If you are just starting out, start with the first few minutes and gradually increase the time. Don't force yourself too much, and give yourself time to enjoy the work.

Finally, remember that it is not a cure-all but a way to help you find balance and calm in your life. Enjoy the peaceful moments, and don't forget to smile more in life!

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