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We are currently developing a biographical Japanese game series with a mysterious world of medieval demons and sorcerers on Nintendo's game hardware.

We are the game development team
We are looking for programmers, engineers, illustrators, art directors, UI designers, Unity engineers, UE engineers, 3DCG designers, composers, voice actors, scenario writers, etc. Please feel free to contact us.
We are always waiting for your application.

[for indie game developer]
I would like to port your game to Nintendo Switch, localize it to Japanese, exhibit it at Tokyo Game Show, and exhibit it at Japanese game events! I have a contract with Nintendo as a game developer and publisher, but from now on, I will gradually start my business full-fledgedly as a publisher! I would like to mainly cooperate with game development!

This is where our team works.
This office is close to Shiki Station, one minute walk from the station.
Our address :saitama siki city honmachi5-24-21