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Provident Botanico

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Welcome to Provident Botanico, where Bengaluru's vibrant pulse blends with the spirit of opulent life. Tucked away amid the bustling metropolis, Provident Botanico is a monument to affluent real estate, providing a way of life that combines contemporary luxury with the peace and quiet of the outdoors.

Provident Botanico, which is ideally situated in the center of Bengaluru, epitomizes the city's innovative and sophisticated vibe. This luxurious real estate development is located in an address that epitomizes convenience and connectivity—the quiet neighborhoods of Whitefield, along Soukya Road in East Bengaluru.

Provident Botanico is a lifestyle that Provident Housing has created, not merely a place to live. With its magnificent amenities and services, our newest residential development creates a community that emphasizes security, green living, and first-rate facilities.