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Pensacola, FL, USA

Luminary will be a unique video game development studio that is employee-first. The well-being of employees will be prioritized, striking a balance between making games and employee well-being. It is the dedication to creating a supportive and empowering work environment. Luminary’s culture will be built on respect and teamwork, to create a united front on collaboration. Respect and teamwork will be foundational elements for Luminary, in order to promote collaboration and unity within the team. It fosters an environment where everyone’s contributions are valued and where individuals feel supported in their collaborative efforts. This approach can lead to increased morale, productivity, and overall success for Luminary. No bullying, harassment of any kind will be tolerated. This also means no retaliation whatsoever. The commitment to fostering a safe and respectful workplace for all employees. This will promote trust, transparency, and accountability within the organization, contributing to a healthier and more productive workplace culture. Luminary is committed to hiring anyone, regardless of their sex, race, color, and gender. The commitment to DEI. (Diversity, equality, and inclusion). Luminary will provide equal opportunities for all individuals. This not only enriches the creative and innovative potential of the team but also promotes fairness and equality. Luminary will provide professional training and mentorship opportunities for any employee, so they can stay ahead of new trends in the industry. By staying ahead of new trends, employees can continuously enhance their skills and knowledge. Luminary employees will not work five days a week. The work schedule will be non-linear and flexible in an effort to avoid crunch. Luminary will foster a healthy and sustainable work environment, which can lead to increased productivity and creativity in the long run. This approach aligns with the company’s dedication to employee-first principles.