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Is It Better to Have a Tight or Loose Helmet?

The purpose of a helmet is to protect your head in case of an accident. And only the right-fitting helmet plays that role effectively. 

What if your head’s circumference lies between two sizes: a tight and loose helmet? Which of the two is better? Many motorcyclists have at one time faced that dilemma. Helmet Gurus have walked down that road before and wish to help, read on for their advice. 

What’s the Right-Fitting Helmet?

Neither a tight nor a loose helmet is better. The right helmet should feel snug on your head. It shouldn’t feel too tight to cause extreme discomfort and lines on your forehead. 

On the other hand, it shouldn’t be too loose to come off or wobble on your head as you ride. In short, it must strike a balance between the two extremes; not very tight or loose. 

 It’s, therefore, wise to know the tips for detecting a helmet that is either tight or loose on your head.  

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Signs of an ill-fitting helmet

You have spent your hard-earned cash on a helmet. And you aren’t sure if it's too tight, loose, or snug. And you are undecided whether to return it for another size, keep it, or hold on to it and get used to it. That’s where we come in to offer help. 

Consider your helmet as too tight or under size if it exhibits the following traits:

  • You can spot a pressure point line on your forehead after taking it off
  • The pinch or discomfort becomes unbearable after wearing it for about half an hour when not riding
  • It can hardly fit on your head
  • Chin strap irritating your skin

Remember, when the helmet is overly tight, it hinders the smooth flow of blood and air. That way, it causes discomfort.  

At the same time, consider your helmet as oversize or too loose if:

  • Wobbles easily as you shake your head up and down or side to side
  • You can noticeably lift it even with the chin strap fastened
  • It leaves finger space size between its liner and your head, especially at the forehead
  • The chin strap feels loose

An oversized helmet won't stay still over your head. Instead, it might be tossed about, block your view, or come off when you least suspect. Furthermore, an oversized helmet feels very noisy. But besides size, knowing the reputable helmet brands is vital. Consider the best modular motorcycle reviews on helmetgurus as crucial for that matter. 

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How should a new helmet fit?

When you are trying on a new helmet for the first time, it shouldn’t fit you perfectly. Instead, it should feel slightly tight. 

When you wear it a couple of times, the EPS molds into shape and breaks in to feel snug. Otherwise, if it feels snug the initial  time you put it on, it certainly will become very loose after the break-in period. 

However expensive a helmet is, if it's ill-fitting, you won’t reap its optimum benefit. Instead, it may endanger your ride. 

When choosing a new helmet, ensure;

  • It doesn’t leave finger size space around your head
  • Doesn’t clamp on your head uncomfortably
  • Doesn’t rock or wobble
  • Accommodates your glasses 
  • Feel comfortable for both long and short rides

The journey to the comfortable helmet begins by determining the shape of your head and its circumference. If possible, test various helmets from varying companies to land your fit. Believe me, it's worth the effort in the long run. And don’t forget to check our recommendation of the best modular motorcycle helmet on